We are located in Lometa, Tx, I am 17 years old and havinig fun with all my goats. I've raised Boers for five years now and striving to raise quality show goats. My herd consist of Bo Jangle, T-Rex, Meatloaf, Wide Load, AK-47 and many others. 

After I won the second year with my buck, grandson of Bingo, at our county stock show, I decided to buy several does to raise and hopefully raise some wethers to show. We saw that there was a registered goat show in the area that I could go to and show. From then on, almost every month I show and I’m starting to win nearly every place I show at and having a ball doing it. At the 2011 National show I showed on of my show does and won Grand Senior Division in the Junior and open show. I purchased her at the special registered boer sale in Hamilton, Texas. My herd improves every year and nearly every day I learn something new about goats.
We are located in Lometa, Texas.

Junior Show 2011 Nationals
Open Show 2011 Nationals with Bo Ribon
Link 6- Labor Day Classic Sale 3rd Annual